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What to do?

Discover all you can do in Adanero and its environment. A relaxing place with history and surrounded by nature.



Enjoy the peace, in a village with "authentic taste".
Adanero, with less than 300 inhabitants, it preserves the rural peace, tranquility and closeness of their neighbours.
Located in the region of La Moraña, in Ávila, close to Arévalo, it is a privileged area thanks to its nature, its culture and its unique Moorish architecture and cuisine.
Located 911 meters above sea level, the weather is dry, cold and bright in winter and cool in summer.


... and Nature

The landscape is a cereal plain with long walking trails to enjoy the fresh air, wildlife, flora and pine forests to collect mushrooms.
Ornithology lovers can delight in the wetlands of San Anton Lavajo where it can be found Azulones , the Common Sandpiper and the Green Sandpiper among others.
You will enjoy unique sunsets and spectacular starry skies, as well as the landscape and the people of our region, La Moraña (Moorish land)


Buildings of interest

The Town Hall of “Villa de Adanero”

Church of Our Lady of the Assumption (Nuestra señora de la Asunción). Declared monument with beautiful altarpieces, baroque confessionals and an organ of the eighteenth century.

Adanero´s Counts Palace (Palacio de los Condes de Adanero). It has a magnificent facade carved with the sculptured coat of arms of Nuñez de Prado, from the seventeenth century.

The frontón or ball game. Single wall, next to the house, dating from the past century.

The Jesus Nazareno Chapel, dated from the sixteenth century with an altarpiece of the eighteenth century.



Apart from enjoying the house and the village, you can make day trips from a comfortable, quiet and very well-located accommodation.
From here, all your excursions are nearby:
Arévalo, 12 km. away, is one of the cities of Castile with more number of Romanesque-Moorish monuments. Old Town, Castle exhibitions, Royal square and The Villa square are essential.
Gastronomy: typical and delicious roasted pig.
Avila, 40 km away, it has been named a World Heritage City by the UNESCO. You must visit the impressive complete medieval wall, the Cathedral, the Basilica of San Vicente, Monument of the 4 posts Gastronomy: the veal T-bone steak from Ávila, famous for its meat quality.


More places to visit

Mudéjar de Olmedo theme park. Miniature park that has 21 scale models of buildings of Castile and Leon of Mudejar style, in an extension of almost 15,000 square meters.

Almenara-Puras; Museum of the Roman Villas, Roman archaeological ruins place.

Segovia, 55 km away, named World Heritage Site by the UNESCO, with its famous aqueduct and impressive Alcázar. Gastronomy: delicious roasted lamb.

Valladolid and Salamanca are within 1 hour from Adanero.



Mudéjar route:
Arévalo, Madrigal de las Altas Torres, Donvidas, Narros del Castillo, Fontiveros, Palacios Rubios, Espinosa de los Caballeros, Orbita, San Cristóbal de Trabancos, etc.

Isabella route:
Madrigal de las Altas Torres, Medina del Campo Square with the Royal Testamentary Palace and the Fairs Museum, Tordesillas, with the Royal Monastery of Santa Clara, the Treaty Houses and historical district.


Castles Route

DUKE OF MONTELLANO´s CASTLE, in Narros de Saldueña
MOTA CASTLE, in Medina del Campo
CUÉLLAR CASTLE, with dramatized tours.


Active turism

We facilitate contacts for the following activities, which you will find only a few minutes away from Adanero locations:

Horse rides

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