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Enjoy your stay. Here, "Las Hazanas" is our business

Hi, This is Teresa
and I want to welcome you

I am Teresa and I want to welcome you to my home, which is also yours.

Several generations of the family have grown up in this huge house at the town square.It seems that, originally, more than three centuries ago, was a convent, as witnessed by the cruise facade.

After being empty for years, we had the dream of seeing our house full of life and that it could be enjoyed again, so in 2008 we started to work and respecting its essence, rehabilitate, improve its facilities with the current comfort and today, that dream has become true.

Our old family home is "The Hazanas", a comfortable house for up to 10 people filled with joy again every weekend.

The ancient grocery store, who ran our mother, is attached to the house. Now is a modern open-plan studio for two people; "La Tienda apartment".

The barn where our father kept the grain is today a charming two-floor house for couples and small families " Pajar cottage".

The three accommodation environment rise to an enormous courtyard that was always necessary for work, for breeding animals, also the shelter of farm implements... and now is an space to rest and relax for guests.

Now, the next dream is to continue improving and working every day and we want for the ones who visit us, to live moments of happiness as we have lived here for generations.

"Hazanas" is a colloquial and frequent word in our town, which survives from the old Castilian and refers to housework, work at home, daily responsibilities.

While you organize the getaway, we personally take care of "the feats" so that you can find the white and ironed clothes, everything is in order, clean, taken care of and your stay is comfortable.

We wish you to disconnect, enjoy the meeting, the house and the people ... here the feats are our thing.

We are waiting for you!

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